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We want to fully understand the client’s needs for a specific position. This initial process could take as much as an hour. The more we understand about your culture, goals, benefits and unique needs, the better we will be at screening out unqualified candidates. It helps significantly if we can talk with several key people; specifically those involved in the interview process.

Search Process

We will identify companies locally and nationally where the best fit candidate can be found and begin our contact and screening program. We quite often make from 300 to 500 calls on a search and end up talking to from 75 to 125 people so we are able to present 3 qualified candidates. We talk extensively with each interested candidate, to be as sure as possible of their qualifications and motivations, before making a presentation.

Candidate Introduction

We will introduce the candidate to you by phone and review their background and credentials. It works best when we are able to immediately schedule the first interview at this time. For out-of-town candidates, a phone call is appropriate and a personal, face-to-face interview is best for local candidates.

Interview Process

We find that prompt and informative feedback is best for you as the client, the candidate and recruiter. To facilitate the process, we will schedule the interview for a specific time. We will work with the hiring authority and the candidate on the actual interview itself. This will provide insight into the candidate and make sure the candidate has studied the company background and is ready for the interview.

We will talk with the candidate immediately following the interview and get his/her impression on how the interview went. We will ask if there were any surprises, what was discussed and if they are interested in moving ahead.

We then contact the hiring manager for their feedback, concerns and interest in furthering the process.

Next Step

If both parties are interested in the next step, we begin our due diligence and check references and verify degrees.

We discuss further with the candidate to make sure the job is a right fit and that they are sincerely interested in the position and ready to make a change. If relocation is involved, we will make sure that is viable and provide information and a service to ease that process. We clarify that if everything is what they expect, they are ready to accept an offer.

Candidate/Company Visit

The face-to-face interview should serve to confirm the impressions gained up to that point. There can be technical skills to verify, but much of the interview will focus on chemistry. Is everything viewed by both parties what was expected? It is our plan that both parties should know pretty well their interest at the end of the interview.

Again, immediately after the interview, we will talk with the candidate. We will get their feedback and ask if they are interested. We confirm that they are ready to accept an offer at the previously agreed to number. Next, we contact the hiring manager for their feedback and work to clarify any questions to be addressed before an offer is extended.

We can orchestrate the process best by knowing an offer is being considered. At this point, we close the candidate with a trial balloon. We clear with the candidate that if we can get an offer for X, they are ready to accept. We don’t want the hiring manager going to all the trouble of finalizing and extending offers that will not be accepted. If the candidate says yes, we contact you to get an offer letter on the way.