Interview Tips

Locating and interviewing for a new job can be a challenging – sometimes daunting - experience.  wpe4.jpg (9197 bytes)

However, working with an experienced, professional recruiter will give you the distinct advantage you need to land the job you desire.

In the world of job hunting you need a partner who will give you expert guidance and advice throughout your job search. Someone who is sincere about helping you through the process, through the challenge of assessing the potential of a given opportunity, and through the interview and negotiating stages of the deal. You need someone who is genuinely interested in helping you achieve your professional goals.



The basis for any candidate/recruiter relationship is understanding and trust. We work to understand your motivation to change jobs and the unique capabilities you have to offer to potential employers. We also tell you what you can expect from us in terms of professionalism and action on your behalf. It is through this process that we earn your trust as a highly professional recruiter in your industry.

Needs-Based Assessment

We conduct an in-depth needs analysis to determine your short and long-term career goals. We strive to learn and understand your skills and accomplishments so that we can present your qualifications positively and with a consistent message. We'll also want to understand the special interests of your family such as hobbies, recreation and life style so that we're sure to present opportunities that are right for your family as well as your career.  By using our E-Selecsys product (see link below) you can obtain an invaluable profile of yourself that will help you understand your strong points and determine how you will fit with a potential employer. 

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Confidential Search

Next, we go to the marketplace to confidentially present your qualifications to potential employers. Prospective employers are contacted to determine their interest and qualifications versus your position. We qualify the position and the company to make sure it matches your career goals.  The better we understand you, the better this part of the process works.

Expert Interview & Negotiation Advice

It is our job to help you with the interview process as well. In addition to scheduling all interviews, we will provide you with insight into the company’s operations and management so that you are well prepared. We’ll give you advice on the best interviewing practices and we also work with you so that the offer you receive is the offer you are prepared to accept.

Building Long-Term Relationships

wpe3.jpg (5720 bytes)Once you have accepted a position our job is not done. You’ll find that we go the extra mile when it comes to assisting with relocation information and other transitional matters. We want to make sure that the process is smooth for both you and your family.

It is our goal to build a long-term relationship with you so that you are comfortable recommending us to your acquaintances in the industry. Also, when you are in a position to hire someone yourself in the future, we hope you won’t                                 hesitate to give us a call.

Interview Tips

A key part of our job is to help candidates prepare for their next interview by understanding what to expect and the types of questions they may be asked.   Anticipating both the process and the detail of the interview helps our candidates handle themselves with poise and confidence.  Here on our site we have compiled those documents we have found most helpful in preparing for an interview.  Please check back often since we do add more information regularly!

Ace That Interview                 Behavior Based Interviews    

Working With A Recruiter

Developing Your Features/Accomplishments/Benefits

Salary Comparison

One of the biggest questions our candidates have is, "what can I expect to be paid?"   Because we specialize in your area of expertise and are in the market every day, we can counsel you on salary expectations.  You might also want to click on the Salary Comparison link above to plug in your variables to get a quick idea of average salaries in your profession and geographic location.
Relocation Services
While working with the professionals at Management Recruiters of Champions, you will find that we go the extra mile to provide you with all of the information you need in order to make your career decisions.  Relocation is a key consideration with many opportunities and we provide services geared toward your specific needs.  Be sure to click on Relocation Services above to connect to all of the tools and information necessary to assist you in your relocation.